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PwC statement − COVID−19

Release Date: 20 Mar 2020
PwC statement − COVID−19

20 March - “The health and wellbeing of our staff is our number one priority and we are currently providing guidance, support and advice to colleagues on the COVID 19 virus. This includes using the option of working from home and to keep up to date with the latest advice provided by the World Health Organisation and local medical authorities. 

"We are advising our people not to travel from their home country unless absolutely essential and to follow their national government's advice if they do have to travel.  We have also advised that internal meetings take place virtually or are postponed until after 1 May.  

"In line with advice from national governments we have also closed our offices in a number of countries around the world with our colleagues in those countries now working from home, not least to give them the chance to support family and friends more easily when they need to.  The number of countries where we have closed offices, and the periods of closure, are being reviewed on a daily basis as information on the virus and advice from national governments is updated.

"Everyday Flexibility is part of the way we work at PwC which means working remotely, including from home, is a familiar practice for our people. All of our people have the necessary equipment to ensure they can continue to work effectively whether they be at home, at another PwC office or elsewhere. All internet connections on PwC laptops and phones are protected using secure remote connectivity.  We have policies in place which cover the appropriate way to work securely when out of the office to ensure confidentiality and the protection of data.

"Our IT systems are designed to suit a remote workforce and our culture is one of digital collaboration and our people regularly use PwC approved tools such as video conferencing and instant messaging technology to work effectively together across multiple locations.

"While we do not know how the outbreak of COVID-19 will develop over the coming weeks and months we are working as a network to learn the lessons from colleagues in countries which have been dealing with this great challenge for the longest period.  We are confident that we have the right policies and procedures in place to continue to serve our stakeholders to the best of our ability."

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